Our Mission:

Debt Recovery.

Leaders in consumer debt recovery, NO COLLECTION, NO FEE. 
Put your debt collection hassles in our hands.


Our Solutions

Welcome to SAYA RECOVERIES and your first step to a cost-effective solution to all your debt collection problems or issues. Apart from our ethics and expertise in providing individualized, debt recovery solutions, we also provide our clients with unique IT support platforms, as well as expert tracking and tracing services.


Tracking and tracing

SAYA RECOVERIES has access to a wide range of advanced search engines and IT facilities including internet data, people locators and cross reference directories. Our specialized software, together with other unique debt collection tools, are what gives us the competitive edge in tracing and locating people, companies and identify corporate offices.


Pre legal debt collections

Sometimes referred to as "soft collection". This service involves a series of increasingly urgent reminders, instructing debtors to pay the amount owed to avoid a risk of legal collection and negative credit record. These accounts may be handed over to "hard collection" or "legal collection" if the debtor does not respond.



This service involves the collection of an outstanding debt on behalf of the credit provider, including legal costs, which by law is capped to certain amounts. The outstanding debt plus lawful interest, admin costs and collection fees are collected from the debtor.


Corporate Solutions

“We are proudly South African,” our level 2 BEE Status represents intent in investing and developing its people, embracing an approach to wealth creation and participation of previously disadvantaged individuals in the economy.

We are experts in the following sectors:
• Telecommunication
• Banking
• Fitness
Micro Finance
• Vehicle Finance


Our Partners

• FutureSoft


• Council for Debt Collectors



Our Impact

Delinquency is, unfortunately, a fact of life and the recovery thereof can be difficult and often a time-consuming task. We offer our clients an alternative resource to recover their delinquent debt through the use of tried and tested methods combined with modern day technology.



no collection no Fee

We pride ourselves that should we not secure a collection, there is no fee to our valued clients


Years experience

We are one of the leaders in the debt recovery industry for more than 30 years. Our focus is on debt recovery of delinquent debts on behalf of our clients.


Client retention

In 30 years of successful business, not one of our business relationships ended due to non-performance. Client satisfaction is one of our highest priorities.



Helpful, Competent and Efficient

I have been dealing with Saya Recoveries for a while now and can assure you of their commitment, dedication and focus to keep debtors and clients happy and at ease. I find their service delightful and an absolute pleasure. Well done and keep it up guys!!

I would like to compliment Keneilwe Gaza working for Saya Recoveries for her great attitude towards what I can call their clients. Million thanks to Saya Recoveries.